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Sheep For Sale - Spring/Summer 2014




Jacob Sheep


Barking Rock Ella - ewe lamb

Sire: Wooly Wench's Earnie
Dam: Barking Rock Jazz
DOB: 3/2/14; single

Beautifully marked 2-horned ewe lamb, with an exceptional fleece! Ella's mom is quite advanced in age, and was unable to nurse a lamb during this exceptionally cold winter; hence Ella was bottle raised and is quite tame.

Price: $350



Barking Rock Plum

Sire: Brighton Dewey
Dam: Barking Rock Pearl
DOB: 3/27/14; twin

Beautifully marked ewe lamb with a gorgeous fleece! Plum is 2-horned.

Price: $400


Barbados Blackbelly Sheep
Sorry...all 2014 Blackbelly ewe lambs have been sold. Contact us HERE if you'd like to be put on the 2015 waiting list.

Barking Rock Winlogee

twin ram lamb
Sire: Red Moose Lincoln
Dam: Barking Rock Washo
DOB: 3/29/14

 Winlogee has all standard Blackbelly markings. Sire is polled; lamb's grandsire is polled and sire has only scurs; lamb will apparently have very small horns.


Price: $250




Barking Rock Arman

twin ram lamb
Sire: Barking Rock Ramses II
Dam: Barking Rock Wonder
DOB: 3/25/14

 Arman has all standard Blackbelly markings, on a medium brown hair coat. Arman is horned.


Price: $275 available after December 15

Want to see photos of our flock adults? Click HERE.

THE FINE PRINT...All of our stock is vaccinated for enterotoxemia and tetanus. Jacob tails are docked to a healthy length; hair sheep tails are not docked as it is not necessary. Full pedigrees available upon request. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold stock until a mutually agreeable date. With the exception of bottle-fed lambs, babies can not leave the farm until weaning at 8 weeks. Bottle babies may be sold immediately; and if taken right away, will qualify for a further discount. Please inquire for details.

Purchase of 3 or more sheep - or a repeat purchase from a past buyer - is eligible for a discount. Please inquire about details!

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